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No.1 Video Chandelier
Date/ 1989
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Installation
Dimensions / 23x18x13cm(monitor)/180x400cm
Medium / 38 b&w monitors, colored light, chains, video on DVD(originally Laser disc), 1-channel video, color, silent, 95:00

This is the first one of the series which is made up of a number of small monitors and suspended from the ceiling in the form of chandelier. Unlike later ones, the monitors in this version are all black and white, which is rare in the chandelier series. The cables and monitors are tangled up, but the entire piece comes to take the form of a beautiful splendid chandelier. The whole space of the chandelier with the kinetic composition from top to bottom, moving images on the screens, and light bulbs switched on in places is overwhelming and provides audiences standing below the chandelier with the new experience of spectatorship.
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