Visitor’s guide

카카오톡으로 퍼가기 페이스북으로 퍼가기
Opening Hours
  • September to June : Tue.~Sun. 10am-6pm
  • July and August : Tue~Sun. 10am-7pm
  • Closed on : Every Monday of the month.
    Every January 1st and New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day
    ※ Last admission is one hour before closing.
Admission is free, except for special exhibitions.

** Admission fee is charged differently according to the exhibition.
Please refer to the Exhibition Section on the website for details.
– Nam June Paik Exhibition Extraordinary Phenomenon, Nam June Paik : Admission FreeSpecial Exhibition Our Bright Future–Cybernetic Fantasy : Admission Free

** Admission Policy for the Special Exhibitions
Admission 관련 안내 표입니다.
Special Paid Admission Information
CLAS. subject 요 금 CLAS. 대 상 요 금
Indiv. Adults
(ages 19 and over)
100% Group Adults
(ages 19 and over)
Students(Under 19), Soldiers 50% Students(Under 19), Soldiers 25%
Under 6 Free ※ Groups : 20 or more people
※ Discount
50% discount for inhabitants of Gyeonggi Province with ID (Individual Only)

※ Free
  • Seniors 65 and over with ID
  • Disabled persons including one guardian(class 1 to 3)
  • International Council of Museums (ICOM) members with current ICOM cards and ID

** Discounts cannot be combined.
** Please note, Nam June Paik Art Center does not offer free or discounted admission to ICOMOS card holders.
Regular Docent Tours(in Korean only)
  • Tours start at the lobby on 1st floor.
  • Tue. – Fri. : 2pm, 4pm
  • Sat., Sun. : 11am, 1pm, 2pm, 4pm
  • More information (Information desk) : 031-201-8571~2
Private Docent Tours

A private docent tour for a group of min. 20 people requires a reservation at least 1 week in advance

Strollers and Wheelchairs
  • Strollers and wheelchairs are available free of charge, upon request at the information desk in the lobby.
  • Wheelchairs are available for disabled visitors and senior citizens.
  • Strollers are available for toddlers up to 30 months.
  • For reservation, please contact the information desk before your visit. (+82 (0)31 201 8571~2)

※ All galleries and facilities are wheelchair accessible. Baby strollers are permitted at all times.

Tips for visiting
  • All bags bigger than A3 size must be checked in.
    (Cloakrooms are available next to the information desk in the lobby.)
  • Still photography only for personal use is allowed in the galleries. (No flash, tripod, or video recording is allowed) No photograph can be reproduced, distributed or sold without consent of the Center.
  • Food or drinks are allowed only in the Center’s cafeteria and may not be carried into the galleries. Outside food or drinks are not permitted in the Center.
  • For safety reasons, CCTV is running throughout museum and parking lots.
  • No pets are permitted in the Center.
  • Please set your mobile phone to silent mode.
  • All children must be accompanied and supervised by responsible adults.
  • The Art Center secures 170 parking spaces (both Parking 1 and 2).
  • rate can be applied when visiting Gyeonggi Provincial Museum and Gyeonggi Children’s Museum together.
  • Open 24 hours / 365 days
  • 9:00 ~ 22:00 (Parking fee is waived after 22:00)
The table on the parking fee.
Rate Note
Car When visiting 1
  • First 1 hour,
    KRW 1,000
  • Every additional
    10 minute,
    KRW 200
Daily Rate: KRW 10,000

Monthly Rate:
KRW 60,000
Car: vehicles for up to 15 passengers

Van: vehicles for 16 passengers and more

One days parking
Max Price:
KRW 8,000
  • First 1 hour,
    KRW 2,000
  • Every additional
    10 minute,
    KRW 400
Car When visiting 2
  • First 2 hours,
    KRW 1,000
  • Every additional
    10 minute,
    KRW 200
  • First 2 hours,
    KRW 2,000
  • Every additional
    10 minute,
    KRW 400
Car When Visiting 3
  • First 3 hours,
    KRW 1,000
  • Every additional
    10 minute,
    KRW 200
  • First 3 hours,
    KRW 2,000
  • Every additional
    10 minute,
    KRW 400
Fee Waived
  • Vehicles which exit within 10 minutes
  • Vehicles for official museum visit (ex. courier, delivery, etc.)
  • Vehicles with the disabled registration or riding together with the disabled (The disabled registration card should be submitted)
  • Vehicles driven by men of national merit (The card should be submitted)
  • From 22:00 to 08:00
Fee Discounted
  • Vehicles driven by any family members of men of national merit (the card and family registration should be submitted)
  • Compact car with engine of less than 1,000cc

All fees are including V.A.T.