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Think Loud
Date/ 2009
Artist(Credit Line)/ Loris Gréaud
Classification/ Installation
Dimensions / 90x135cm
Medium / Digital Print, Sound

Loris Gréaud asked Lee Ranaldo, Sonic Youth’s famous guitarist not to play, But to ‘think’ about, his favorite guitar solo. Lee thought about it to himself for about 35minutes in an anechoic chamber at the IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Accoustique/Musique), Pasis, and Gréaud recorded this ‘silence’ was picked up by a microphone after carefully determining the range of frequency that the min can capture. Gréaud also took pictures of Ranaldo while the guitarist was deep in thought. Considering Gréaud constant interest in music, Think Loud could be regarded as an homage to John cage’s 4′ 33″, However, while Cage incorporated the element of chance in his music by filling the space with the noise of the audience, instead of playing the piano, Gréaud, on the contrary, technically reduces noise and gives the absolute silence to the listeners, emphasizing the conceptual aspect of sound. By contrasting the absolute in an anechoic chamber with the sound of music played in the musician’s mind, Gréaud leads us to think about the mode of how music can exist without music can exist without musical scores and performances.
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