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Nam June Paik Library is a public art library located on the first floor of Nam June Paik Art Center. Nam June Paik Library holdings document Nam June Paik and related art movement as well as art and culture in general. The Library shall provide a new cultural space to local community and a professional research space to researchers. The designing and construction of the library were made possible by the City of Yongin and Gyeoggi Province Government’s Small Library Fund.


Nam June Paik Library’s mission is to support the public interested in the field of art and culture. Nam June Paik Library also serves Nam June Paik Art Center’s professional staffs as well as external research professionals.


Nam June Paik Library was designed by Nahyun Hwang + David Eugin Moon [N H D M]( who work based in New York. Inspired by Nam June Paik’s artistic processes, Nam June Paik Library was designed as a multi-functional spatial device, which redefines the relationship between library users and information. In contrast to the conventional library characterized by the one directional transmission of the static, centralized, and predefined content, the Nam June Paik Library aims to promote non-linear and random access to information, and its production beyond the prescribed consumption. Through spontaneous expression and juxtaposition of ideas, the consumer of information becomes the producer and the static contents of the library turn dynamic. The collective generation and appreciation of information make the library experience multi-directional and reciprocal.

Library Collections

Nam June Paik Library’s holdings include approximately 3,000 books and exhibition catalogues, 500 periodical subscriptions, and over 200 audio video materials. Library collection covers Nam June Paik, Media Art, Fluxus, Aesthetics, Art in general, Philosophy, and Social Science.

Nam June Paik Art Center Database

Nam June Paik Art Center Database includes records for all material in the Library, including books, periodicals, exhibition catalogues, artists’ books, archives collections, and media materials. Database lists materials in diverse media, and some materials themselves are online.

Access and Hours
  • Location: 1 Fl. Nam June Paik Art Center
  • Hours: 1 PM – 5 PM , Closed every Monday
  • Access: Open to the general public and professional researchers
  • Rare research materials and archives collections can be accessed by appointment only
  • All appointments must be confirmed
  • (e-mail for appointment and questions:
  • Contact: 031-201-8571~2 /