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Are baby carriage and wheelchairs available for rent?
Strollers and wheelchairs are available free of charge, upon request at the information desk in the lobby.
Wheelchairs are available for disabled visitors and senior citizens.
Strollers are available for toddlers up to 30 months.
For reservation, please contact the information desk before your visit. [+82 (0) 31 201 8571~2]
What convenient facilities does NJP Art Center have?

Nam June Paik Art Center provides convenient facilities such as..

a library (1F, to be open in March 2011),
a cloak room (1F, next to the Information Desk in the lobby),
an education room/Green Room (B1),
a seminar room (2F)
a cafeteria (1F),
an art store (2F, in the exhibition hall).

* All bags bigger than A4 size must be checked in.

I want to buy a copy of the exhibition catalog or a publication of NJP Art Center.

We recommend you to visit the art center and buy a copy.
In case it is not possible to visit, please contact info@njpartcenter.kr
There is an additional shipping cost.

Do I need to make a reservation for an event or other program?

Most of NJP Art Center’s performance programs, events, workshops and seminars are open to the public. So in case there is no notification for reservation, you don’t need to make any reservation to participate in these events.

* But, reservation is required for free shuttles in case of certain events.
* NJP Art Center’s Education Programs are only on reservation.
* It happens on very rare occasions that a program’s schedule changes after you received a newsletter. So we recommend to check our latest notice on our website before your visit.
* For reservations and informations : reservation@njpartcenter.kr

Can I receive the exhibition and performance schedules by e-mail?
Please join our newsletter service, at ‘NOTICE – Newsletter’ section of this webpage to receive information on exhibitions and other events of the art center by e-mail.
How much is the entrance fee? What are the opening hours and closing dates?
Opening Hours
  • Mon.-Sun. : 10am-7pm (*extension till 8pm)
  • Closed on : every 2nd & 4th Monday of the month
  • Last admission is one hour before closing.
  • Adults: 4,000 won
  • Students: 2,000 won
  • Under 6 : Free
  • Over 66 : Free
  • Disabled Person : Free
  • 50% discount for inhabitants of Gyeonggi Province and groups of 20 or more adults (Excluding students),
Where is Nam June Paik Art Center located? And how can I get to the center?
The Nam June Paik Art Center is located near Suwon Interchange on Gyeongbu Expressway. Not far from the Korean Folk Village, it is right next to GyeongGi Provincial Museum and across from Shingal High School.

* Please refer to the ‘MAP’ page for further information and more details.
* The parking is free, but as parking space is limited, we recommend you use public transportation.
Is it possible to take pictures of art works exhibited in the center?
It is allowed to take pictures outside the art center building, in the lobby, cafe, etc. Nevertheless, it is forbidden inside the exhibition halls where art works are placed.
Photography and video filming are not normally allowed inside the art center and exhibition halls for the protection of art works and comfortable viewing environment. In the case of press coverage or other purposes, specific filming plan should be presented for the permission to be granted.
We would like to make a group visit. Do we need a reservation?
A group of 20 or more persons should make a reservation in advance. (at least 1 week before your visit)
On weekends and holidays, group visits are not accepted for the convenience of general viewers.

* For reservations : reservation@njpartcenter.kr