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Three Elements : Triangle
Date/ 1999
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Installation
Dimensions / 325×375×122cm
Medium / Lasers, mirrored chambers, prisms, motors, smoke

Three Elements which debuted at Nam June Paik’s World held at the New York Guggenheim Museum in 2000 and was produced collaboratively by Paik and laser installation expert Norman Ballard, symbolizes the image of water, fire, and earth in triangle, circle, and square. The laser light, incessantly moving at a fast pace, introduces a dynamic and mystical vision to the viewers. Paik’s laser work, in which the non-linear time-space Paik had been experimenting all his life through music, TVs, and videos, seeks communication through electronic media while presenting the macro-vision of attempting to connect with the entire world, or even the cosmos at large.
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