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I Wrote it in Tokyo in 1954
Date/ 1994
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Installation
Dimensions/ 49.5 x 48.26 x 47.62cm
Medium/ antique TV cabinet, 10 inch color CRT TV, mini CCTV camera, incandescent light bulb, Reuge 144-note music box

This work is based on Paik’s composition in one movement, consisting of 144 notes, which was composed during his first year in college. Paik incorporated the movement into his 1994 work in a way that it was played by an antique musical instrument made in the 18th century and then put it into an old TV set from the 1950s. The hypnotic image appearing on the screen shows the mechanism of a revolving music box. However, it is not an actual mechanical device but an image captured and projected in real time by a camera installed in a TV set. Paik combined the image of modern electronics and the tradition of old but familiar TVs and music boxes and thereby created an object which was a jumble of surrealism, poetry, and a little bit of camp. Here, the past, the present, and even the future which Paik was intended to show through his work all appear on the same screen.
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