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Date/ 1992
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Painting
Dimensions / 61x51cm

The background is divided into four parts, and upon it, two pieces of ripped paper are placed askew. The four surfaces on the background are painted in black with a jumble of different colors slightly tinged, as if an abstract expressionist painting. The two sheets in the foreground are originally from one single piece of paper, which was torn apart and put with the gap between the torn pieces open wide. The original sheet has different lines drawn with color crayons, and after being re-positioned in two pieces, they become a plane on a par with the background, to which additional layers of paints are applied. This recalls the methods of décollage, cutting and tearing posters and photographs. Nam June Paik produced a few works in which he drew something on rectangular paper alluding to a TV screen, and tore it apart to rearrange its pieces on a final composition.
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