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Date/ 2002
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Painting
Dimensions / 76.2×91.4cm

There are heavy raindrops, painted in white, falling on a straw-thatched gazebo. Above the rain streaks are green dots spread regularly and running in parallel with the white dots, and if you take a closer look, they take after the alphabet V, which Nam June Paik often used to portray an old television’s antenna. Behind the rain are books, and behind the falling Vs is a furrow-like lattice structure. At the bottom of the painting is a Chinese four-character idiom, 晴耕雨讀, to work in the field in fine weather and read at home in wet weather. That you should make time to study while working hard, might indicate his lifelong attitude that Paik had stressed from the 1960s and he tried to hold on to in his declining years.
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