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Paik with Magnet TV in his Canal Street studio, New York
Date/ 1965
Artist(Credit Line)/ Peter Moore
Classification/ Photography
Dimensions / 40×59.5cm

In order to overcome the limitation of black and white televisions used in Exposition of Music – Electronic Television, Nam June Paik moved on to Japan next year and worked together with technicians there to experiment on color televisions. Magnet TV produced in 1965 was a result of this research. Coils wrapped around a CRT monitor, which is a sort of electromagnet, spread electrons on the screen at a rapid rate. If one touches a magnet to the monitor, the flow of electrons is interrupted such that deflection occurs and distinctive RGB colors emerge consequently. Previously having focused on manipulating the inner circuits of television, Paik turned to what could externally influence TV images, and that is why Magnet TV was produced relatively late in 1965. In this photograph taken by Peter Moore, Paik is handling Magnet TV in his studio on 359 Canal Street, New York.
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