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Dick Higgins’ Canzona No.25 (1958) performed by Higgin’s during the Broadway Opera, Die Lupe, Cologne
Date/ 1958
Artist(Credit Line)/ Manfred Leve
Classification/ Photography
Dimensions / 20.3×25.4cm (8x10inch)
Medium / B&W Photograph

A Fluxus event proposed by George Maciunas and organized by Mary Bauermeister, Dick Higgins’ The Broadway Opera was held at Die Lupe, a Cologne’s cinema, on 11 November 1962. The picture shows one of the performances there, Higgins’ Canzona No.25 (1958). This score is primarily about putting on and taking off left and right gloves carefully. On the invitation to this performance is a photograph of Higgins in front of the cinema, which was part of a mail art project connected with Dé-coll/age. The entire issue of its second publication released in November 1962 was devoted to Higgins, and contained such scores as Canzona No.25 and Twenty-Seven Episodes for the Aquarian Theater.
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