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Paik improvising during a performance at Town Hall, NY
Date/ 1968
Artist(Credit Line)/ Peter Moore
Classification/ Photography
Dimensions / 40.4×59.8cm
Medium / Black & white photograph on baryta paper

This is Nam June Paik playing the piano at Mixed Media Opera held in Town Hall, New York on 10 June 1968. Paik and Charlotte Moorman organized this concert as a fundraiser to pay for Moorman’s legal fees in the wake of her trial caused by Opera Sextronique in 1967 where she turned topless during the performance. The repertoire of Mixed Media Opera included Arias No. 3 and 4 from Opera Sextronique, which had not made it in the original performance, and other popular Paik-Moorman works such as Variations on a Theme by Robert Breer and Variations on a Theme by Saint-Saëns. Paik’s Simple was also performed here. In the photograph, Paik stripped to the waist, is banging on the keys with his head. The program of this event contained a long text comprised of quotes from a rebuttal to Moorman’s guilt and references for the injustice of the trial. Other artists made a guest appearance such as Allen Kaprow, James Tenney, Emmett Williams and Jonas Mekas.
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