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George Maciunas’ In Memoriam Adriano Olivetti(1961), Festum Fluxorum Fluxus, Musik und Antimusik – Das Instrumentale Theater, Staatliche Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf
Date/ 1963.2.2-1963.2.3
Artist(Credit Line)/ Manfred Leve
Classification/ Photography
Dimensions / 20.3×25.4cm (8x10inch)
Medium / B&W Photograph

George Maciunas’ score In Memoriam Adriano Olivetti is based on used tapes from an Olivetti adding machine. Adriano Olivetti was an Italian engineer and entrepreneur known worldwide for manufacturing Olivetti typewriters, calculators and computers. According to Maciunas’ score, every performer has paper strips from the calculator in their hands, and each time a number assigned respectively to them on the paper comes to the row, the performer executes a small specific action allocated for the number, such as: to fold and unfold an umbrella, to blow a whistle, to jump up and down, to make a deep bow, to give a salute, to outstretch a finger at someone or something. The performers in Festum Fluxorum Fluxus, Musik und Antimusik – Das Instrumentale Theater held in Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 1963, were Bengt af Klintberg, Frank Trowbridge, Tomas Schmit, Wolf Vostell, Arthur Køpcke, Daniel Spoerri, and Emmett Williams. The second from the left of the picture is Nam June Paik wearing a round cap.
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