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Random Access Project Vol. 7
Wind Theater by Shin Seung Ryul
Eum-Space, Nam June Paik Art Center
Kim Sun Young (Curator, Nam June Paik Art Center)
Organized and
Hosted by
백남준아트센터 경기문화재단
Supported by
Wind Theater
Nam June Paik Art Center presents the second part of the 2020 Random Access Project entitled Wind Theater, which showcases a new work of the same title by Shin Seung Ryul. Scenographer Shin Seung Ryul’s work is based on the subversion and experiment of the system surrounding “theater,” the main subject matter of his work. He has presented a stage full of dramas, stories and sentiments, driven by the participation of the audience.
In Wind Theater, the flow of air, light, sound, time, and the audience work organically. Visitors become not only spectators who appreciate the work at their own pace, but also perfomers who get involved in the stage as active participants instead of just watching the performance on a complete stage from the audience box. By the participation of the audience, Wind Theater finally becomes a theater in itself where their own thoughts and impressions are layered.
Wind Theater is a liberating space that overthrows the elements of the existing stage, and a “theater” operating in a more poetic and uncertain manner. Audiences can experience the expansion of thoughts and senses by performing a series of scores left by the artist on the stage where the wind blows.
As evoked by a prayer wheel to help illiterate people to read Buddhist scriptures through the wind generated by turning the wheel, Wind Theater will offer the opportunity to remember we have the power inside us to create the “flow” in a place where nothing is felt, and further create our own stage.
Shin Seung Ryul, Wind Theater, 2020
scenographic installation, sound
commissioned by Nam June Paik Art Center
Sound : Lim Yong Ju
Production Supervisor : Jeon Jong Hyouk (APIC)
■ Artist
Shin Seung Ryul is a scenographer who captures the spirit of the times and interprets the texts using space and time. Shin discovers and interprets the principles of life by organizing space while pursuing an invisible construction of space. His space is finally completed and established by breaking down the boundaries and the artist shows new thoughts and experiments that overturn the existing rules of space.
His major works include The Nomad Theatre Project, Gobi City, Poetic Theater, and The Memoirs of Wanderlust. He is currently working on seeking possibilities to expand the concept of space in order to present Poetic Theater to the audience in urban spaces or in nature getting out of the black box.
■ 2020 Random Access Project
Nam June Paik Art Center begins the 2020 edition of the Random Access Project that looks at new trends of contemporary media art and rising artists who share Nam June Paik’s artistic experimentality. Its title “Random Access” originates from Paik’s work presented at his first solo exhibition Exposition of Music — Electronic Television (1963). In Random Access, strips of audio cassette tapes taken out of the case are randomly attached to the wall and visitors can produce sounds of their own using a magnetic head. With such keywords as improvisation, indeterminacy, interaction and participation derived from Paik’s work, the Random Access Project has showcased 6 selected artists (or teams) for the past two years. Three artists—Oh Jooyoung, Shin Seung Ryul and Ham Hye Kyung—were selected this year.
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