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Reality Errors
September 24, 2020 – January 31, 2021
Nam June Paik Art Center 2F
Sejin Kim, Yunchul Kim, Matthieu Cherubini, Hyesoo Park, American Artist, Sookyun Yang, 업체eobchae, Wesley Goatley, Jung Seung, Cao Fei
Kwonjin Cho, Yunheo Jung
Organized and Hosted by
Nam June Paik Art Center,
Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
Reality Errors speculates on the near future where the pace of technological advancement would outstrip human comprehension, seeking ways to coexist with diverse alterities such as machines. The title Reality Errors is a layered reference; while instantiating the lived experience of our future wherein a wide range of alterities would become part of our daily interaction, it also aspires to the vision of embracing the extraordinary. Humanity’s pursuit of technological advancement envisions utopia as its objective, but also momentum. Dreams of such futures, however, tend to remain abstract and ambiguous despite their emphasis on the magnitude and speed of success, effect, or intelligence as shown in expressions like “faster,” “smarter,” and more “powerful” or “convenient.”
The process of technological development must progress apace with axiological shifts and ethical inquiries as it undergoes a complex matrix of phases, but such values are oft cast aside or omitted. The artists participating in this exhibition turn their eyes to issues of responsibility and will – values we should have repeatedly faced in our daily lives as a teleological accompaniment, yet were lost in our oscillation between obligations and negligence. They intuit that the resultant errors, mistakes, and follies will bring the same problems from past and present back to life, summoning them to reflect new situations and exacerbated challenges. In capturing omens of an anxious future, the artists remind us that the inevitability of unjust consequences will first befall the subaltern, and expose the uncanny truths before our eyes to lift the veil of complacency.
Reality Errors grounds its departure point in pursuits of future coexistence through the inquiries the artists pose, illuminating the ethical and social issues that we have left behind in the throes of technological advancement. The quest to feel out a new future that instantiates these inquiries will extend our purview to what lies beyond reality – in the realm of the extraordinary.
Sejin Kim, Messenger(s),
2019, OLED monitor, 3D motion graphic video, stereo sound, LED lights 전령들 김세진
Yunchul Kim,
Triaxial Pillars II,
2017-2020, acrylic, aluminum, photonic crystal, neodymium magnet, motor, micro-controller, electromagnetic field generator, air pump, 250(h) x 50(d) x 50(w)cm
2018-2020, Geiger-Müller tube, glass, aluminum, micro-controller, 48(h) x 40(d) x 40(w)cm YunchulKim_TRXII-ARGOS
Matthieu Cherubini, Ethical Autonomous Vehicles,
2013-2017, autonomous vehicles simulation program 매튜 체르비니_윤리적 자율주행 자동차
Hyesoo Park, Perfect 7
– Imaginary partnership registration agency ‘Perfect 7′ business booth
– Imaginary registered partnership application & insurance clauses, family cooperative
AD(single-channel),webpage(touch pad), lego block, variable size – Collaboration: Duyeong Hwang(aide), Kyungyong Lee (architect), Ted Hyunkak Yoon(designer)
– Research Support: Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation perfect7
American Artist,
2019, single channel video, 21mins 56secs
2019, sculptural installation with aluminum bleachers and velvet 아메리칸 아티스트-2015
Sookyun Yang, From OOX(object oriented x),
2020, 3D computer graphics, 2-channel video with interaction
업체eobchae, oo-genesis
2020, single channel video, 11mins 5secs
oo-genesis  제네시스
Wesley Goatley, Chthonic Rites
2020, hacked Amazon Echo and reprogrammed electronics installation
웨슬리 고틀리
Cao Fei, Asia One,
2018, single channel video, 63mins 20secs – Commissioned by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York for The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Chinese Art Initiative, Courtesy of Cao Fei, Vitamin Creative Space and Sprüth Magers
차오 페이_아시아 원
Jung Seung, Prometheus’s String VII,
2020, plant, sensor, 3D printing(PLA), robotic motor, shape generatron program, LED lights, variable size
Jung Seung
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