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Pop-up, Guerilla, Partisan
A special performance is organized for the Paik memorial week and the closing week of Trevor Paglen Machine Visions. Paglan’s work creates a new space within an existing place to raise social and political issues intertwined with technology. The performance in collaboration with a choreographer, an architect, a novelist, an instrumental player, and a filmmaker will be held in one of the exhibition’s rooms. It will become a spatial experiment of Nam June Paik Art Center to offer an opportunity to dive into the difference between a physical place and an experiential space.
Pop-up, Guerilla, Partisan
  • Direction, Plot: [Mu:p](Cho Hyeong-jun, Son Min-sun)
  • Scenario: Jeong Jidon
  • Videography: Paik Jongkwan
  • Pop-up structures: MoodanHwoengdan(Jaywalking)
  • Geomungo(six-stringed Korean zither): Hwang Jin-ah
  • Narration: Cassandra MATOS 
  • Performers: Kang Ho-jeong, Son Min-sun, Shim Woo-seop, Yoo Min-soo, Cho Hyeong-Jun, Hong Hye-jin
  • Photography: Choi Yeon-geun
Date & Time
Friday 31 January 2019, 4pm(duration 40 mins)
Black Box, 2F, Nam June Paik Art Center
30 persons 예약하기 >
○ Filming will be underway for this event.
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Artist and geographer Trevor Paglen coined the term ‘experimental geography,’ seeing cultural production and the production of space inseparable from each other. It is relevant to his artistic practices that remap an existing place and produce a new space there in a self-reflexive way: to launch his own satellite into orbit to transform the sky into an aesthetic space; or to turn the scenery of a region where communications facilities are embedded, into a painterly space. Paglen’s spatial explorations result in calling for a renewed attention to social and political issues.

Like Paglen’s artistic interventions, an incident that happens temporarily in a certain place having history and context already, can prompt you to experience the place as something different from what it is for. Staged performances of the architect-choreographer collective, [Mu:p], infiltrate such purpose-built places as museums or theaters, or as such liminal places as lobbies or corridors. In the process, new forms of space are created in an unpredictable modus operandi. Pop-up, Guerilla, Partisan is a performance of spatial remapping through a series of incidents that abruptly occur and erratically unfold in an incalculable course of action. In this performance, audiences and performers occupy the black box where Paglan’s 89 Landscapes is shown, and act out together the notions of ‘pop-up,’ ’guerilla,’ and ‘partisan.’ Their collective movements will transform a place originally defined as the museum’s exhibition space into something undefinable.

Nam June Paik Art Center has enthusiastically lent itself to experimental performances in light of Paik’s Fluxus practices. From his early period in the 1950s, Paik stressed ‘indeterminacy’ and ‘time-based art,‘ and put forward a musical composition in spatial terms and a fluid field between music and architecture. Bringing to life these fundamentals of his art, Nam June Paik Art Center will continue to perform the role of catalyst for spatial experiments.

[Mu:p], a collective of choreographer Cho Hyeong-Jun and architect Son Min-Sun, structurally explores the relationship between space and movement. They experiments with space, choreography and phenomena that arise when human bodies are placed with material objects in the context of a specific site. The artists are interested in expanding their art forms by non-linear associations and cross-disciplinary ways of working. Among their recent works are: Decadence-System_Aplat (2019, Paradise Art Lab), {Open set}⊂Phase lag (2019, Platform-L), Present Sense Impression (2018, Coreana Museum of Art), Traveling without Moving (2018, Erwin Wurm, HyundaiCard Storage), Threshold Phenomena (2017, MMCA Residency Changdong), and Over the wall (2016, Unforeseen, MMCA+KNCDC).

○ This performance is sponsored by Arts Council Korea.
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