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[8] Velvet Totalitarianism: Living in a world that Orwell never could have imagined
2pm Wednesday 15 October
Seminar Room, 2F Nam June Paik Art Center
Paul Garrin
Paul Garrin

Paul Garrin, a media artist based in New York, asks you, “Big Brother is watching you. What would you do if he’s becoming part of you?” Big Brother might be our shirt that we’re wearing everyday, or our cell phones that we’re using everyday. Highly developed electronic technology enables surveillance not only through fixed network but also through wearable things from our daily lives. Like a velvet having meticulously planted fibers which makes soft feeling, we seem to enjoy the limitless freedom but, at the same time, rely on electronic technology more than ever. Garrin predicts the “Internet of Things” and describe tracking and surveillance technologies from cell phones to clothing. He also refer to the Internet/social media as the “Digital Panopticon

Paul Garrin is a media artist based in New York. He collaborated with Nam June Paik from 1982 to 1996, producing literally hundreds of works that fill Paik’s video installations in museums and private collections. His works encompass a full spectrum of analog and digital media from video to the Internet, exploring media and the social impact of technology on society, and issues of media access, free speech, and public/private space. Studying fine arts at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York, Garrin has participated and been invited to Biennales and Residency programs around the world.

Fee: N/A, but booking essential (on a first-come, first-served basis, 60 seats available per event)
* NJPAC complimentary exhibition tickets will be offered to those who attend the event.

How to book: by email ( ※ Please make sure that your email has the subject heading of ‘Paik-Orwell Club booking’ and the following information: name, institution, telephone number, and event title. Text messages will be sent to confirm your booking

Enquiry: +82(0)31-201-8557/8559
*This event will be conducted in Korean only.

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