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Sooyoung Lee, Seongeun Kim, Jeremy Bailey, Eunji Cho, Sunghun Choi + Sunmin Park, EIKE JODI Joan Heemskerk, Dirk Paesmans, Kichul Kim, Shinil Kim, Kristin Lucas, Daniel Mikesell, Marisa Olson, Nam June Paik, Yuri Suzuki, Jan Verbeek, Bill Viola, Minha Yang
Nam June Paik Art Center

This catalogue is a reconstruction of the physical space of the exhibition <MEDIASCAPE, à pas de NAM JUNE PAIK>, and also a road map of the conceptual space of Paikian mediascape. In the first chapter to open up your horizons, you will explore the vision and thought of Nam June Paik, the very basis of this exhibition, by taking a look at Paik’s works shown on the first floor of the Nam June Paik Art Center. Then, bearing in mind seven key themes, you will navigate the second floor where the works of other artists are shown. Have a taste of three opening performances, and you will come into the pages of each artist, which consist of the descriptions of their works featured in the exhibition, and their own writings on Paik and the mediascape. Following Paik’s steps, you will at last be given an opportunity to reflect on your own steps towards the mediascape to live out beyond this exhibition.

Table of contents
  • Foreword: Manu Park
  • Mediascape, à pas de Nam June Paik: Sooyoung Lee
  • Seven Navigational Beacons
  • Opening Performances
  • Jeremy Bailey – Circular Persona
  • Eunji Cho – Transformation_Lard Score
  • Sunghun Choi + Sunmin Park – A Certain Thought
  • EIKE – In this very moment, just for uou
  • JODI Joan Heemskerk, Dirk Paesmans – WWWWWWWWWaiting.for PAIK.rtf
  • Kichul Kim – Nam0June1Paik-1
  • Shinil Kim – Between Hot And Cool
  • Kristin Lucas – Reload Yourself
  • Daniel Mikesell – Ever So Experimental
  • Marisa Olson – Performed Listening
  • Nam June Paik – Media Planning for the Post Industrial Age
  • Yuri Suzuki – Principle and Innovation
  • Jan Verbeek – In Memoriam Nam June Paik
  • Bill Viola – Nam June Paik at the Speed of Light
  • Minha Yang – 7 Thoughts in 47 Days
  • Inhabiting the threshold, acting out the mediascape: Seongeun Kim
  • Artist’s CV

(ISBN 978-89-97128-01-3, 160 pages)

Korea Open Government License
Korea Open Government License
Attribution (BY), Non-commercial (NC), No Derivative Works (ND)
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