• Event When I Look at the Clouds, I See Clouds [a cut through chance]
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center 2F
    • Period/ 2010.04.11(Sun)

    Artist Pedro Lagoa in collaboration with Park Seungjun and Cho Yonghoon Inhabiting the Breach : Programming for the Conjunctures within Breach section of the Random Access exhibition Throughout Paik’s practice and writing, random access can be seen as a strategy that allows for the coexistence of multiplicities of differences. In his writing, Paik states “Freedom […]

  • Event Artist Talk : Seung-Taek Lee
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center, Exhibition Hall (2F)
    • Period/ 2010.02.06(Sat)

    Artist Seung-taek Lee, Moderator Mi-Kyung Kim (professor of the Gangnam University) The Nam June Paik Art Center is holding an Artist Talk with Seung-Taek Lee, one of the winners of first Nam June Paik Art Center Prize. Seung-Taek Lee, Korean born, has an innovative and diverse practice that questions established political, social and artistic values […]

  • Event Sexuality in the Open
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center, Multi–purpose Room (1F)
    • Period/ 2010.02.02(Tue)

    Artist Noritoshi Hirakawa Noritoshi Hirakawa talks about his works preceded by a screening of Lawrence Weiner’s Water in Milk Exists.The mostly sexually charged image Hirakawa produces through his diverse practice awaken an awareness of how human perception can be redefined to extend beyond culturally imposed limitations and foster activities that push these boundaries. Sexuality and […]

  • Education Do you know? How soon TV-chair will be available in most museums? Close
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center, Education Room (B1)
    • Period/ 2009.12.10(Thu) ~ 2009.12.12(Sat)

    Through artistic practice, the way we see the world and our perceptions of what is possible is continuously redefined. It is through artistic practice that the realm of the possible is extended beyond mere functional efficacy to reopen human action as integrated into a wider ecology of potentialities. This role for art that exists beyond […]

  • Event Cave Fortissimo Close
    • Venue/ NJP Art Center, Memorabilia (2F)
    • Period/ 2009.11.20(Fri) ~ 2009.11.21(Sat)

    Artist Jason Kahn (Sound Artist) Over Music : NJP Art Center Experimental Festival “In a traditional concert, sounds move and the audience remains seated” In “Symphony for 20 rooms”, The sounds move, the audience also moves. In my “Omnibus music No.1 (1961), sounds sit down, the audience visits them. In “Exposition of Music, sounds sit, […]

  • Education New perspectives on Lee, Sang’s literature
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center, Memorabilia (2F)
    • Period/ 2009.11.20(Fri)

    Lecturer / Youngmin Kwon